BMW M3 Morphs Into Ford Mustang While Leaving San Jose Car Meet

For some enthusiasts, the thrill they get of pinning the throttle while leaving a car meet is too much to control. Unfortunately, that desire to show off to other attendees can have undesired results.


This particular clip was filmed at a recent car meet in San Jose and initially shows a Nissan GT-R and McLaren 570S gently accelerating away from the event. However, the driver of a silver BMW M3 following closely behind the McLaren simply couldn’t resist the urge to put on a show for those standing at the side of the road.

While this clip doesn’t catch the entire thing on film, it shows the M3 coming into frame completely sideways. Evidently, the driver was a little too happy with the throttle and lost control of the car.

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For a split second, it seems as thought they may get away with a lucky escape and slide to a stop in the center of the road but that didn’t happen. Instead, the BMW slides side first into a curb on the edge of the intersection. The force of the impact briefly sends the sports sedan up onto two wheels before it slams back down onto the tarmac.

It’s hard to say for sure what damage has been done, but it’s inevitable that at least two of the M3’s wheels have been wrecked, while it’s possible that the car might have suffered some serious suspension damage as well.

BMW M3 loses it and smacks curb leaving San Jose Car meet from r/IdiotsInCars

Updated: December 9, 2020 — 1:51 am

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