Rolls-Royce’s New Pursuit Seat Costs As Much As A Decent Used Car

On the first official day of winter in the northern hemisphere Rolls-Royce launched a new accessory designed by the Bespoke Collective at the brand’s headquarters in Goodwood.


It is a ‘Pursuit Seat’ aimed at their deep-pocketed customers, which is already on sale, individually or as a pair, on their official website and at dealers worldwide and is priced from £6,581 in the UK, excluding taxes, or $8,778 at the current exchange rates.

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“We have applied Sir Henry Royce’s maxim, ‘Take the best that exists and make it better’, to a quintessentially British product”, said Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer, Matthew Danton. “Elevated to Rolls-Royce’s precise and exacting standards yet true to the original concept, the Pursuit Seat has been reimagined for a contemporary world. Our clients can now enjoy the comfort of a Rolls-Royce seat, no matter the activity or where it may lead.”

Made of carbon fiber and polished aluminum, a combo said to deliver the optimal strength-to-weight ratio, the accessory has a fully height-adjustable leather seat with a Spirit of Ecstasy embossing. The flared aluminum ferrule at the end of the stick and retractable spike provide a solid grip on hard and soft surfaces.

Customers can choose from different colors to have the Pursuit Seat match or contrast their Rolls-Royce, and whenever they’re not using it, they can put it back in its leather case. According to the automaker, “it can be stowed unobtrusively in any Rolls-Royce motor car” and fits perfectly in the Cullinan when equipped with the recreation module. A unique feature of the seat is the slim aluminum torch, bearing the double-R Badge of Honor, which is hidden in the hinge.

Updated: December 7, 2020 — 12:57 am

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