Popular British Influencer Arrested After Dumping BMW 3-Series In A River


A popular British social media influencer was arrested by the police in Marbella, Spain last week and hit with multiple charges for dumping a BMW E46 3-Series near a river.

A video posted to YouTube by 27-year-old Ryan Taylor shows him and his mates driving the BMW around a field, powersliding it through corners and jumping over various bumps. At one point, the group of friends drive around while one of them sits on the hood and hangs on for dear life. The ‘fun’ only stops when a couple of hoses across the underside of the car are broken, putting an end to it all.

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After completely trashing the car, Taylor and his friends can be seen pushing the BMW down a steep embankment leading to a small creek.

Euro Weekly reports that local authorities located the abandoned BMW after being alerted to the YouTube video. Taylor has reportedly been charged with crimes “against road safety and against the environment,” while also being hit with a charge over document forgery.

It remains to be seen what exactly happened after his arrest, but Taylor’s brush with the law clearly hasn’t impacted his social media presence as he has made several new posts on Instagram since the incident.


Updated: December 1, 2020 — 1:05 am

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