Reckless New York Driver Speeds Between Two Cars On Belt Parkway

Jaw-dropping dashcam video is going viral on social media showing a vehicle speeding in between two other cars on the Belt Parkway in New York.

Approximately two seconds into the clip below shared to Reddit, the car in question comes into view and speeds past the cammer. The reckless driver can then be seen stamping on the brakes before proceeding to drive in between two sedans at high speed.


While it is hard to say for certain, it appears as though the speeding car made contact with the two other vehicles and yet, continued to drive off into the distance without a care in the world.

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Immediately after speeding in between the two cars, one of the vehicles begins to swerve violently before slamming into a crash barrier on the side of the highway. Sparks seen flying across the roadway suggests that the rear driver’s side tire was punctured by the speeding car, leaving the vehicle uncontrollable. It comes to a rest against the Armco barrier in the center of the parkway.

We haven’t been able to find any local news reports about the incident that could shed light on what happened after the crash.

However, those commenting on the incident on Reddit suggest that because of how fast the speeding vehicle was traveling, there’s no way the dashcam was able to capture a clear image of the driver’s license plate.

Here’s hoping that local authorities are somehow able to track down the reckless driver.


Apparently, the tire popped

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 6:58 pm

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