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A new patent application has been published by the US Patent & Trademark Office revealing a new version of the Touch Bar that, while looking similar to the current one, features Force Touch. According to a report by Patently Apple, the company’s latest registered patent shows a new Touch Bar that is sensitive to touch pressure. According to the report, Apple states that the invention generally relates to electronic devices, and particularly to electronic devices that sport a display with a force sensor positioned at least partially around and “coplanar with, the display.”

Apple MacBook Pro

According to the report, while Apple has dropped force touch or 3D touch from Apple Watch, Apple might use it on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

The report adds that the MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar will offer Force Touch input. It adds that generally the cover set over the secondary display is formed from glass, plastic, or carborundum and typically flexes or otherwise deforms when an input force is exerted on it. It adds that by flexing the cover, one may transmit some or all of the input force through the display, thus permitting the force-sensing circuitry to operate.

Apple’s patent application number is 20200371632.

According to a report by 9To5Mac, Force Touch sensors were first introduced with the first-generation Apple Watch and allowed the screen to identify the touch pressure in order to perform different actions based on touch intensity.

As per the report, the tech was then introduced to the MacBook trackpad in 2015 and iPhone 6S got 3D Touch in the same year. However, it has been discontinued in recent iPhones.


Updated: November 30, 2020 — 10:24 am

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