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Google Assistant is now providing users with wellness data from third-party services. According to a report by Android Police, Fitbit, at present, is the only service that Assistant can connect to, but there should be more integration in the future. The report added that just a few days back, Fitbit’s new operating system built native Assistant integration to the company’s watches, in addition to Alexa. To complete the process, a Wellness section has been added to Google Assistant. This new section integrates with Fitbit trackers and enables users to get access to sleep data from any assistant-compatible device.

Fitbit being the first third-party service to be supported by Google Assistant.

It further reveals that the latest section allows users to connect Google Assistant to services that can track wellness-related data ranging from sleep track to exercise and even nutrition intake.

The report also said that a user can easily ask the Google Assistant as to how much time has he/ she has slept through the night and can get an accurate answer. This will let them know if they are taking adequate rest that the body requires.

For the time being, only sleep is supported and that too, only on Fitbit.

As per a report by XDA Developers, Fitbit being the first third-party service to be supported by Google Assistant should not be a surprise as Google had previously agreed to acquire the fitness company, even though the deal is waiting for regulatory approval.

Fitbit, on its part, has recently brought Google Assistant support to its activity-tracking devices as well.


Updated: November 25, 2020 — 5:41 am

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