Carlex Design Crafts Striking Mercedes-Benz X-Class Racing Green Edition

Carlex Design is probably the tuner that has worked the most on the Mercedes X-Class, with nine custom projects released so far.


Now it’s time for the 10th, and probably most impressive, transformation of Merc’s pickup truck. It’s called the X-Class Racing Green and it combines Carlex Design’s expertise in overhauling vehicle interiors with a spectacular exterior treatment.

On the outside, the X-Class special sports a new carbon body kit, side sills, and a carbon bed bar for a more aerodynamic look. The pickup’s body has been painted in a deep emerald shade reminiscent of the iconic British racing green hue.

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The exterior parts feature an impressive finish achieved via numerous painting and brushing tests. As with other products from the Carlex Design Racing Green line, a subtle hand brushed pattern is visible on the paint surface. Created by the company’s experts using a custom technique, the pattern blends smoothly with green-finished carbon to form a harmonious gradient.

Three white stripes provide contrast, as do the tires with white sidewall “Carlex Design Racing Green” lettering. The Racing Green edition also features bespoke emblems that certify its exclusive nature.

The interior is as spectacular as you’d expect a Carlex Design creation to be. Highlights include a black and white upholstery, sports front and rear seats with vertical inserts, new seat belts with green custom print, green accents in the form of painted elements, Racing Green emblems and a deep green headliner.

Also part of the package are the reshaped steering wheel trimmed with perforated leather for a comfortable grip and the carbon covers on the steering wheel rim, dashboard and door panels. Carlex Design did not disclose pricing, but as you can imagine, such a comprehensive transformation does not come cheap.

Updated: November 24, 2020 — 7:06 pm

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