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Perfect for use on the go

This portable fan is quite tiny in size with a frame of 4.8 inches in length and breadth. Because of its mini size, it can be carried very easily and is perfect for use in cars or even while studying in the library. Its motor is equipped to give out a strong air-flow and has a 3-speed setting which you can adjust according to your preference. At the same time, it is an extremely quiet fan with a low-noise motor and silent five-lobed fan blades which ensures no irritation. If you’re someone who enjoys quiet time, this one’s for you.

Cooling and pleasant on a hot day.

This fan has a double blade design that can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust to your preferred angle. You can even adjust its speed with the 3 levels and 2 modes it is equipped with. The modes let you pick from between single and dual wind turbine modes for a great experience. Moreover, this fan is truly powerful and makes low noise – it is built to not disturb your sleep or work. But the best part is that it has an aromatherapy feature which lets you enjoy a pleasant fragrance with just a few drops of your favorite oil. All you need to do is drop it in the shell at the back of the fan and it will get circulated with the fan blades. If you like the idea of pleasant fragrance while you cool off – then this fan is a great option for you.

Works anytime, anywhere.

Built to keep you cool when the temperature outside soars high, this fan functions with just 4 watts. The fan is rechargeable and doesn’t need to be kept connected to a USB power source when in use. The 1200 mAh battery lasts for about 4.5 hours when the fan is on its lowest speed and for 1.5 hours when it’s the fastest. The fan is ergonomically designed to stand on a tabletop, as well as be comfortably handheld. It fits in your bag and is easy to carry. If you’re looking for a handheld device, this fan is a good option.

Set it up on any surface

Powered by USB, this fan is more of a personal device. It’s not necessary to keep the device connected at all times and works for about 5 hours when fully charged. The device is not just compact but is extremely lightweight as well. It has a 360-degree gooseneck stand that can be twisted and adjusted to match your comfort at different heights. The fan can be clipped on to any surface – tabletop, laptop, a sturdy book as well as your bedside corner. Grab this one if your work table is in a corner and needs a little gentle circulation.

Updated: November 23, 2020 — 7:22 pm

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