Tesla’s Business Is Thriving, But Its Servicing Is Far From Flawless

Tesla has pushed the automotive industry into the electrified age more than any other car manufacturer in recent years, and for this, it should be applauded. Moreover, last month it announced its fifth straight quarter of profitability and made a record number of deliveries.


However, the Palo Alto-based manufacturer isn’t doing everything flawlessly, with many of the complaints leveled against Tesla relate to its service department.

Jason from Engineering Explained is the proud owner of a Model 3 and has some experience with the somewhat lackluster servicing Tesla can offer.

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As the YouTuber describes in this video, his first two experiences with Tesla and its service department related to the rear spoiler of his Model 3. Most notably, his car wasn’t delivered with the carbon fiber lip spoiler and had to be fitted by a Tesla mobile service. All went smoothly, until the wing started to detach. Tesla again sent out a mobile service vehicle and had the spoiler replaced with a new one, which is now also starting to detach at the corners.

In his third experience, Jason describes how he drove over a pothole and damaged two wheels. He took the car to a Tesla service center but it took 6.5 hours for a set of new wheels to be fitted, as the service center wasn’t sure if they had any replacements in stock.

In a more recent experience with Tesla service, the YouTuber inquired with his local service center about how to order the available Track Pack brake pads without ordering the entire Track Pack itself. After various emails and over a week of waiting, he was informed that it’s near-impossible to order replacement Track Pack brake pads, which won’t be ideal for those that paid extra for the Track Pack and are in need of some replacement pads.


Updated: November 22, 2020 — 10:23 pm

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