Porsche Taycan Driver Screws Up And Nearly Parks On Top Of A BMW 1-Series

This weird incident was captured via security camera in a residential area somewhere in the UK, by the looks of it. It all starts when a right-hand drive Porsche Taycan approaches a driveway and “idles” momentarily behind a dark SUV.


What happens next is rather baffling. We can only speculate on the issue and yes, it does look like a case of throttle misapplication, although we can’t rule out some type of medical issue.

If it’s the former, it goes without saying that throttle misapplication is even more dangerous when you’re in a powerful all-electric car with so much instant torque at your disposal – a minimum of 472 lb-ft (640 Nm) if this is the entry level Taycan 4S.

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The footage, courtesy of Moghees, shows the vehicle accelerating away from a standstill with almost no delay, and seen as how the Taycan was already at an incline and the driver’s foot was on the brakes, it pretty much looks like they simply stepped on the throttle way too hard.

Perhaps they meant to accelerate more smoothly but ended up applying too much pressure on the pedal. You can also see that the brakes light up again for a brief second while the car is accelerating.

In any case, the Taycan smashes forcefully into the dark SUV, before falling off the raised driveway and nearly coming to a rest on top of a parked BMW 1-Series. Eventually, it ends up falling between the German hatchback and that brick wall.

Not sure what happened there

Updated: November 21, 2020 — 12:59 am

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