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Ideal for safe charging on the go

With four plug attachments, you can use this fantastic adaptor in over 150 countries. The safety shutter on the socket protect you from touching the live parts, and half-insulated pins protect you from accidental shocks. Supporting AC input between 100 and 240V and with a built-in surge protector, this device can save your expensive electronics from electrical spikes. Within one 6A socket and two USB sockets, this handy adaptor lets you break free from carrying multiple chargers for your devices. A feature we really appreciate is the lock switch that secures the plug attachment in place during use. For a travel adaptor with the best safety features, you should choose this one.

Lightweight, all in one travel adaptor

Featuring two AC sockets and two USB slots, this adaptor lets you charge several devices at the same time. Apart from the multi-plug socket, the front of this adaptor also features conveniently placed dual USB slots and an LED power indicator. Delivering 2.1 A of current, you can quickly charge your electronics including Bluetooth headphones, mobile devices, and iPads with a USB cable. Very reasonably priced and weighing just 70gm, you’ll find this easy to carry travel adaptor is light on your pocket too. If you’re looking for a light travel adaptor at a bargain price, this one’s for you.

Premium, multi-device charger

For use at home or while travelling, you can use this adaptor to charge tablets, phones and cameras all at the same time. With a premium look and certified by international safety organisations, you won’t have to stress about its quality or reliability. Gently pressing and sliding the release button lets you choose from UK, US and European plug attachments for worldwide compatibility. This device also comes with a classy zippered travel pouch to keep it safe during travel. The orientation of the sockets allows you to plug in your devices with a firm grip comfortably.
If you’re looking for an excellent travel companion for your electronics, your search ends here.

Basic, robust travel charger

With this sturdy and well-built adaptor, you can effortlessly connect to power any socket while you travel around the world. A great feature is the output socket’s design that lets you charge all your gadgets no matter what kind of plug they have. Great for when you’re travelling with kids, this adaptor comes with a child protection shutter, and a red LED indicator that lights up to let you know when the power is switched on. This adaptor features two 5V 1000mA USB sockets that make it compatible for charging all cellphones and small electronics.
If you frequently travel abroad, we highly recommend carrying this capable travel adaptor with you.

Updated: November 18, 2020 — 9:10 am

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