29 Vehicles Wrecked In Massive Minnesota Pileup In Icy Conditions

Almost 30 vehicles were involved in a pileup along Interstate 94 in Monticello, Minnesota late last week and footage taken at the scene reveals just how significant the incident was.

The pileup started at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, November 12 and while it is unclear which vehicle involved started the chain reaction, poor visibility and the icy roads were likely the cause for the crash. A total of nine people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries sustained in the various crashes.


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Local news outlet Kare11 reports that of the 29 vehicles involved, half of them were semi-trucks. Oil and debris was strewn across the road and it took until the early evening for authorities to re-open the section of Interstate 94.

A handful of the vehicles involved in the pileup caught fire, including a number of semi-trucks and cars.

Speaking with Kare11, Jim Rosenow revealed he was in the middle of the pileup driving his Chevrolet pickup.

“All my life driving in Minnesota snow, I’ve never seen anything as heavy as that,” he said. “Put both feet on the brake and slammed into the median, another car slammed into me, and then a semi-truck just creamed me. The whole back end of my pickup truck almost came through my back window. Some guy knocked on the back window…broke the back window and I got out and started helping other people. I’ve never seen anything like that and never experienced anything like that. I thank God that nobody was killed.”



Updated: November 17, 2020 — 5:49 pm

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