BMW Launches Real Time Speed-Trap Information Subscription Service For $25


BMW has introduced a new feature as part of its ConnectedDrive suite that alerts drivers to speed detection devices and traffic speed and red-light cameras in operation.

The automaker’s Traffic Camera Information service gets its information from a nationwide network of public fixed and mobile traffic camera locations. In addition, it uses data from radar and laser detectors to alert drivers in real time of cameras through the digital instrument cluster.

Auto News reports that BMW is offering its traffic camera information service as a three-month trial on select 2021 model year vehicles. At the end of the trial period, owners will be able to keep the service for 15 months for just $25.

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“For decades, people have used radar detectors for the same purpose,” principal research analyst for Guidehouse Insights, Sam Abuelsamid said. “You’re spending a little bit of money to get that peace of mind, knowing that you’re going to get some advanced warning.”

BMW’s Traffic Camera Information service uses features from HERE Technologies and Cedar Electronics.

“It’s exciting to watch BMW deliver the next generation of Over The Air services to its customers,” vice president of dynamic content at HERE Technologies, Michele Herbst, commented. “The driving experience is being re-shaped by the power of connected, fully embedded vehicle functions and services. HERE is proud to offer the global auto industry a flexible, one stop shop platform for all of its location data, services and technology needs.”

Updated: November 16, 2020 — 11:19 pm

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