VW Touareg Joins The Remote-Parking Crowd With New Smartphone-Compatible Function

Driving a Touareg into and out of parking spaces has never been easier, as Volkswagen’s flagship SUV has become its first model to feature a remote-parking system.

Building on the Park Assist and aided by four cameras and twelve ultrasound sensors, the function allows the Touareg to be maneuvered into and out of tight parking spaces, either from the cockpit or from the outside, by using the smartphone as a remote control.


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In the first scenario, the driver can remain seated, initiating their search for a parking space by tapping on the ‘P’ field on the touchscreen. Subsequently, the vehicle will detect one or more suitable parking spaces, displaying them on the infotainment screen, and the driver will have to select the desired one.

Then, the instrument cluster will show the ‘Depress the brake and press and hold the button or select Park Assist with remote control’ message. If the user chooses the first option and continuously presses the ‘Drive’ button under the gear knob, the Touareg will instantly stop if the button is released.

In the second mode, the driver can step out before the maneuver, having completed the aforementioned steps, and will be using their smartphone via the ‘VW Remote Park Assist Plus’ app to remotely control the vehicle. To do so, they will have to continuously press the ‘Drive’ button on the smartphone, as lifting the finger will result in the Touareg coming to a full stop. The smartphone can also be used to drive the SUV out of a tight parking space in the desired direction.


Updated: November 12, 2020 — 2:38 pm

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