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Users of Google Maps on Android devices will be able to relive their trip memories using a new Trips tab appearing on the app. The feature will let users have a look at the places that they have visited, the kilometres they have travelled, along with information of the locations. This new tab is part of several new features being introduced by Google regarding trips and travelling. In a blog post, the firm said that if any user chooses to turn on their Location History setting, they will be able to use Trips in the Timeline of Google Maps to travel while staying at home. Also, information from your previous trips can be shared with your friends and acquaintances.

Google also shared that a new Timeline will be coming to the Google Photos map view.

If you have received reservation confirmations from hotels, restaurants and other places in your Gmail account, you will be able to see and share that information by visiting and tapping on the ‘Trips’ tab. Google also shared that a new Timeline will be coming to the Google Photos map view, using which users can see the paths they took on a certain day alongside the photos that have been saved.

Google also shared a few tips and features using which people would be able to travel during COVID-19 times safely. The search engine suggests users stay up to date on the latest travel information by checking if there’s a COVID-19 travel advisory or restriction for their destination while searching for hotel or accommodation or even flights to that place on Google. By going to, users will be able to see “trends for flight and hotel availability over the past six months” as well.

Using a ‘free cancellation’ filter on Google Search and, trip planners can also make bookings at lodgings at those places specifically where a free cancellation is available so that if any changes take place users can confidently cancel bookings. Travellers can also use the ‘COVID layer’ present in Google Maps to get information about the COVID-19 cases in the area.

Updated: November 12, 2020 — 11:05 am

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