Future Hyundai, Kia And Genesis Models To Use Nvidia Drive Infotainment System From 2022


All future Hyundai, Genesis and Kia models will come standard with the Nvidia Drive in-vehicle infotainment system starting in 2022.

Nvidia’s Drive includes a hardware and software stack that encompasses all audio, video, navigation, connectivity and AI-enhanced connected car services. The system will be used from entry-level to premium vehicles and is perpetually updateable over-the-air.

With the Nvidia Drive, the Hyundai Motor Group will equip future models with its new connected car operating system that’s been developed in-house and brings together data generated by the vehicle and its sensors, as well as external connected car data centers, to provide drivers and occupants a more pleasurable and convenient experience.

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The new Genesis GV80 and G80 already feature a state-of-the-art system powered by Nvidia Drive, and the two companies are also collaborating on an advanced digital cockpit set to be released in late 2021.

“At Hyundai Motor Group, we’re committed to delivering greater value, safety, functionality and enjoyment over the lifetime of the car,” senior vice president of the Electronics Tech Unit at Hyundai Motor Group, Paul Choo said. “The NVIDIA DRIVE platform is proven — it is scalable, energy-efficient and has the performance to support our next generation of software-defined vehicles.”

“NVIDIA brought consumer electronic functionality and a graphics-rich user interface to infotainment systems more than a decade ago,” added Ali Kani, vice president of autonomous vehicles at Nvidia. “Now, we are once again transforming these systems through the power of AI — helping Hyundai Motor Group increase safety and value, along with enhancing customer satisfaction, throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.”

Updated: November 11, 2020 — 12:54 am

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